This site does just one thing – provides you with a great view of favorite, interesting places.  See what is going on, relax, check the weather and wish you were there, or not – if it is miserable out!  So, if you are at your desk, waiting in line, or just checking out places to go, then check out the live, full motion camera views here.  

We start with a boaters’ view of the waterways of North Carolina.  Soon you will be able to move down the coast line on the Intercoastal Waterway and off on some diversions up the rivers and creeks feeding the sounds and ocean.  These areas are always great views in good weather, but check back during storms and at night.  You will get a live view of the sun glistening off the calm waters on lazy days as well as the blowing white caps and flooding of Nor’easter storms and the occasional hurricane.  If you live away from the coast and want to know what is going on in more detail, have your local TV News staff contact us.  Several stations use our cameras in their weather and news broadcasts and we will be happy to speak with yours.  Use our contact form to tell us about the TV station.

If you lean more towards the firm footing of Mother Earth you have to appreciate the views on a beautiful Golf Course.  As P.J. O’Rourke observed, “Golf combines two favorite American pastimes: taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.”   There is just no bad view on a golf course.  As you focus on your game, don’t overlook the beauty of the walk.  The courses you see here will tempt you to play a round at one of these, or your favorite course.  If you want to check the Great View at your own favorite course, have the golf pro contact us for including the best camera shot as one of our Great Views.

Furry Friends is a great view for the animal lover.  We look for those animal Spas which pamper your pooch and coddle your cat.  You will see our Furry Friends playing, running, sleeping and simply being their regal selves.  If you take your Furry Friend to a daycare of boarding Spa tell them about us.  When a camera is in place there you will be able to check in on your buddy no matter where in the world you may be.

Mountain Vistas – they are difficult to capture with just a camera.  The air, the cold, the quiet, the bright sky all combine into a 360 degree experience which is hard to leave.  However, when you are away from the mountains, you can always visit in high definition here at your own Great View of a mountain paradise. These views are especially helpful in checking the powder condition.