A Coming Soon View!

You have requested a camera view which we have not turned on yet.  In the first phase of the GreatView Camera site we are starting with Great Views from:

  • The Atlantic Waterways.  If you have a river, sound, marina or ocean view you want us to add please let us know.  Better yet, if you know of a good location for a camera, let us know that too.  Use our Contact Us tab and we will get back to you promptly to say thanks and act upon your idea.
  • Mid-Atlantic Golf courses.  These views should pick up in the Spring of 2013 when the fairways green up and the views get better.  Contact us with any course suggestions.
  • Our Furry Friends.  We are working with various “Doggy (and Cat) Day-Care” centers and boarding kennels to bring you live views of your four legged friends.  Whether the boarding is for fun, for a day only, or for an extended time when you can’t have your pets with you, a picture is worth a thousand words and a live video is even better!  Have your favorite pet day care contact us for more information.
  • A Mountain Vista may be the best view represented by a video with no sound.  There is nothing lost of the quiet mountain air with only a live view, but no audio!  Whether you want to see the slopes from your favorite ski lodge or simply a mountain view with the swaying lifts let us know and we’ll get the cameras rolling.

Keep coming back to www.greatviewcamera.com for new sites.