Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke enchants, as much for its populace as for its natural beauty. Many natives still speak with a distinctive brogue, or dialect, and Ocracokers know how to tell a story. It’s a necessary skill: The year round population is at an all-time high of around 950, winters can be full of chilly nor’easters and diversions many take for granted don’t exist here. Though Ocracoke is an insular community, Ocracokers themselves are warmly generous and welcome sincere interest in their lives.

The island has wide sandy beaches with clean blue water, making it the perfect spot to throw out a fishing line or dig your feet in the sand or read a book. A stroll from one end of the village to the other takes perhaps 30 minutes, and bicycles are the ideal transportation.  On Ocracoke, it’s okay to have a nap in a hammock, a cold beer in the middle of a hot day, or both. At sunset you can sail past Teach’s Hole before dining on fresh seafood.

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